The Wheels of Miami…

My Wife and I just returned from a friend’s wedding in Miami. While not a city that I’d choose to visit again, I had to admit that some of the cars were cool to see. On the flip side, some of the rides were pretty hilarious as well!

First up was South Beach. A lot of the hotels had some pretty cool rides out front, like this one.

Had to get a picture of this Sport Trac on the beach!

Fast & Furious is alive and well in Miami!

Ummm, yes that is a child seat in the back of a Ferrari California and yes she is probably in the, ahem, “entertainment” industry. Still wasn’t cool enough to not get yelled by a Valet for deciding that the reserved valet spot was her own personal parking spot…

I liked this Audi. I was surprised by how many customized cars there were in Miami. Had a lot to do with the whole “look at me” attitude of the city.

First 2013 Mustang I’d seen in the wild…

There were some badass bikes around as well.

This Viper cracked me up. It fit into the town’s attitude perfectly.

Oh yes, there were stick-on fender vents too.

This old Ford has a manequin of some gangster in it. Great looking car!

This old T-Bird was outside another hotel. All of the classics we saw were in great shape and fit in well with the Art Deco district.

Check out the rimz on my cab, yo!

Wish I’d gotten a better shot of this truck, it was awesome and sounded great.

These 2 were parked at our hotel. Evidently after you buy your R8 or DBS, all you can afford is the Hampton Inn! We took an open top bus tour one day and the guide said that Miami had more exotic cars than New York and LA combined. Not sure I buy it, but there were tons to see. All in all some impressive machinery!

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