Friends Featured on Build-Threads!

Two friends have been featured recently over at First up what Terry Fair, of Vorshlag Motorsports, with his GRM2010 E30 BMW.

A pretty cool car with a 5.3 LS series V8! The above picture will take you to the Bimmerforums thread, but Terry’s also got tons of pictures on his own gallery over here at SmugMug.

Just this morning I noticed Vitek Boruvka, of AxWare Systems ORM, got featured with his LS3 NC Miata build for SCCA’s XP Solo class! This is one wild machine.

Vitek’s got a detailed writeup over on his blog for the car, it’s well worth checking out!

Build-Threads LS3 NC MX5
Build-Threads BMW E30 V8 $2010 Challenge

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