Houston Regional #2

One heck of a cold and windy autocross, but one the most fun that we’ve had in a while! Todd and I attended Houston Region’s 2nd event of the year at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, TX. It’s an odd shaped lot which usually yields relatively short and uninspired courses, but this one was a blast.

The course was a bit narrow in spots, but flowed really well and had some spots where you could be really brave with the throttle.

This was round 2 with the Video4 logger. Todd reworked our mount and redid the power supply. In the meantime, I’d fiddled with the settings, turned on autostart (@ 10mph) and autostop (@ <5mph for 5 seconds) so we didn’t have to worry about pushing the button and trying to read the LEDs which seem to blink with no rhyme or reason…

As cold as the weather was and short on time (only 2 heats due to low turn-out being Superbowl Sunday…) I didn’t bother setting up the in-car camera. I regretted this later on because I had a hell of a time figuring out what data was what on the memory card after the fact.

This time our setup worked! We got video and data for all runs but my last. It has some odd skips occasionally, but below are my best and Todd’s best runs. It was obvious from the video this wasn’t my best day. We struggled with rear grip all day on the cold surfaces and my throttle foot still isn’t very smooth…

We ended up running pretty good, but got PAXed by a couple great drivers. Results are here:12REG02P

Overall a really great event. Looking forward to working out the kinks in the Video4 setup and hopefully to some better driving in the months to come!

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