Camaro ZL1 – Impressive Technology

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a Ford guy (despite owning a Camaro). That said, the technology that Chevy has poured into the new ZL1 Camaro is seriously impressive. Magnetic ride control, some pretty cool aerodynamic tweaks and not to mention that LSA engine, it seems to be quite a potent package despite it’s high curb weight.

First seen on Jalopnik, this Powerpoint presentation over at Scribd covers some of the technical aspects of the ZL1. It’s well worth a read. And if you haven’t done so already, the videos and info on Chevy’s own website for the car and pretty cool as well!

Having driven a 2011 GT500 and a proud owner of a 2012 Mustang GT I look forward to seeing how the 2013 GT500 stacks up against the ZL1. I must say, it’s a great time to be a car enthusiast.

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