Momo Wheel Install

I teased with a picture of a new steering wheel for the Mustang the other day, but getting it installed was a bit tricker than anticipated.

I’d wanted something different for the Mustang and I found what I wanted in the Momo Mod 08 wheel.  It was leather wrapped, had a cool yellow stripe, and blacked out spokes which looked completely different than anything I’d seen on a classic Mustang.

Gifted by my Dad for my Birthday, I was stoked to get it installed.  Here’s what you get in the box:

Wheel, horn button, hardware, and adapter.

This wheel has some dish to it and a relatively small diameter, things wanted as the old Lecarra wheel I had interfered with left-foot braking and with the large OD I knew was going to make getting in/out of the car difficult with the new Corbeau seats that were going in.  Here’s a comparison between the two wheels:

This put the wheel closer to me so I could get my arms where I wanted them and let me stretch my legs out.

Stepped over to the car and started tightening down the center bolt and uh-oh…  wheel won’t turn.  The back of the adapter hub was hitting the column and the wheel wasn’t even close to tight.

Pulling the wheel back off I took a look at the back of the hubs.  You can see the difference in the following two photos.

A couple of measurements later, I’d determined what needed to be done.

Thanks to a buddy at a machine shop I was able to get the hub cut down to my specified dimensions.

Final product.

Looks a bit more like the Lecarra now!  Luckily, measurements worked out and the wheel went on without a hitch!

I really dig the look and out on the road it’s fantastic.  Coupled with the new seats, it completely changed the feel of the car.  Sitting in my autocross position though it compromises the view of the tach, so going to have to figure out a shift light, something probably should do anyways.  Also got to figure out why the horn isn’t working and need to bring the turn signal stalk a little closer to the wheel…  These things are never done are they?

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