Steering Stops – Version 2

So, my previous hose clamps and rubber hose stop wasn’t quite doing the trick and I desired something with a bit more adjustability.

With the new repo fenders up front, clearance at the leading edge of the fender is an issue with the 225s I’ve got on the front of the car.  Not wanting to screw up the paint job by hammer rolling the front edge of the fender, I elected to setup some steering stops.  Here’s a shot of the steering arm and the factory steering stop.  Bit of a gap at the ideal position…

I decided to try and make an adjustable stop so I could move this in the future.  Taking a page from some other race cars, modifying the factory stop by drilling a hole and using a bolt seemed the best route.  Step 1 was to remove the strut rod by removing the front nut and the two nuts under the control arm, the strut rod is then easily removed.  I’d marked the spot I wanted the hole drilled and setup the strut arm in the drill press.

Using slow speed and lots of machine oil I drilled down through the arm.  I used a 1/2″ drill bit to make the hole for the 1/2″ bolt I planned on using.  Ideally I would have threaded the hole, but not having a tap on hand and worried about having enough space for a jam nut I elected to go with bolt and nuts.

After this, used a grinder to clearance the backside and flatted it out so a nut could sit flush with the strut arm.  Bolted the strut arm back in and slipped in a bolt with 2 nuts and adjusted to take up the slack.  Complete!

I repeated the same process on the other side.  Ended up working out really well.  Now need to figure out a way to keep the belt from squeaking when it hits the stop…

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