More Inspiration – Two Killer Mustangs

While browsing the magazine rack at the store, saw two killer Mustangs I had to show here.  These may be a bit old news (SEMA 2010), but there’s no denying some serious work went into both.  Most people, myself included, may not like every inch of these cars, the whole package on both comes together nicely.

First up – Dragon by the Ring Brother’s (designers of some serious cool previous rides as well like the Reactor).

It’s the little details that make all the difference on these cars. From the yellow ringed mirrors to something as common as selecting the right wheels. The whole package is a cohesive vision that you have to appreciate. I won’t bore you anymore with words, take a few minutes to skim the Mustang Monthly article for more information.

Second car is the Anvil by Purevision

Not as extreme as the Dragon, but impressive nonetheless. There are a few photo galleries around, but none as good as the feature in Hot Rod for April 2011. Check it out at your local news stand!

Can’t say I’ll ever have the money to recreate my vision for the ’67, but one can dream!

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