Regional #4 – Houston Region

Ran the first event in the ’67 in a long time today!  The Camaro is still down while we’re waiting on the painter.  Worked hard most of Friday and Saturday to get the car “ready”.  It wasn’t perfect, but made the event.

Loaded up and ready to roll out of the shop!  Borrowed Zack’s trailer just in case…

Ran the event in “X” class with an STO PAX.  Knew the car wasn’t competitive, but fun to take out anyways!  Run 1 was a bit rough as I’d never run the car with the power steering before so it was a learning experience as well as getting used to holding myself in the seat again.  Run 2 I managed to turn on the GPS logger which I’d forgotten on the first run.  Couple of data points below!

Trackmaster Data Link

Max .88 G lateral.  Not great, but not horrible either for Sumitomo tires!

Fun course, lots of turns with some corners that really punished you if you didn’t do them right!

Only made 2 runs, at the end of the 2nd the engine had blown enough oil out of the breather caps in the valve covers that it made quite the mess.  Fearing fire, I elected to sideline it for a bit.  Luckily, grabbed 2 more runs in a friend’s 2001 Bullitt which was a lot of fun!

Not quite as successful a day as I’d hoped for, but nothing serious broke so we’ll take it.  One thing it did was get me excited to run the Mustang at some more events.  Suspension work, dyno tuning and a better seat/harness are in the future I think!

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